As you all know (or at least should know) I am engaged! I will be getting married in April of 2019! *insert girly squeal here*

You didn’t know I was engaged? Well, click here to see how it happened!

One thing I wanted to do was blog about my wedding journey, but I didn’t think that you would exactly like me posting all of my wedding stuff all of the time.

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My engagement was a complete surprise, I had no idea it was going to happen at all! There was no prior acknowledgment that my fiance was going to propose to me!

The day I got engaged was the happiest day of my life! Well, yes of course because I got engaged, but also because it was my birthday!

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I’m always watching mystery unboxing videos on Youtube and enjoy seeing the different things that people get!

I have always been a little jealous, because I hardly get any mystery boxes to open!

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I went to Plannercon 2017 in San Francisco this past March and it was AMAZING!!!

Throughout this year, they have done a few smaller Parties across the US to get us hyped up for the main event next year!

One of the parties just so happened to be in Las Vegas and I was able to go!

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You may or may not have noticed, but, I have changed the username of my Instagram and my YouTube channel to match the name of this blog!

There are a few reasons that I changed the names.

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Trying to stay cool while walking is hard for me. My cardio….it sucks. So I always tend to run out of stamina fairly quickly.

Yes, even while walking, my running is non existent haha. I have been getting better though as I walk more and more.

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