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Hello ladies and gentleman, and welcome to flight ‘A Brave Star‘. My name is Kacie and I will be your flight attendant on this lovely journey.

A Brave Star is a lifestyle blog that is mostly centered around my love for travel and my addiction with planning. You know, using a planner, decorating the pages, etc. However, you may see some other things thrown into the mix.

The title, A Brave Star, was rendered from the fact that my middle name is Star and the meaning of my name, Kacie, is Brave.

You could say that I am just another girl trying to start a blog, whereas the truth is, I’ve always wanted to start a blog and have always either gotten distracted or couldn’t find my niche. Now that I have, lets hope this sticks.

Let’s move on to some things about me!

My name is Kacie (duh!) and I am 27 years old. I am based in Las Vegas, Nevada and love it here!

As I mentioned above, I am a flight attendant. I love to travel and this job gives me the opportunity to do that. I have wanted to be a flight attendant ever since I can remember and now that I am one, I never want to leave.

Traveling and aviation are both in my blood. My father is a silent comedy juggler. He got his start as a clown in Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus and now travels all over the world for work. I traveled with him a lot when I was younger.

–> Click here for a list of all the places that I have traveled to throughout my lifetime.

He also has a private pilots license. So you can see where the aviation comes into play lol. He has had his license since I was very little. I have flown with him numerous times in Hawaii and Guam.

Now to continue on with me, I have also done my fair share of modeling (nothing published yet). I have done modeling for photo shoots, fashion shows, body painting, and some convention work. You can view my portfolio here (coming soon).

Some additional things about me!

1. I love lists, I love creating them and checking items off of them. I sometimes add things that I have already done just to check them off lol.

2. I love The Sims (all games and expansions), Roller Coaster Tycoon, and any other simulation type games.

3. I love watching random YouTube videos about a lot of random things.

4. I almost never have matching socks on. Please click here to learn more.

5. I have my own business, sort of! Click here for more info!

6. I have a cat named Luna.

7. I have a Harry Potter addiction.

Still under construction