I have always been and will continue to be a Disney kid. I have always loved Disney movies, Disney characters, Disney shows and definitely Disneyland!

The only issue, however, Disneyland is really expensive. I’m sure you can vouch for that lol. Because Disneyland is expensive, I haven’t been able to go as often as I would like. In my life, I have probably been to Disneyland only a handful of times. (Which isn’t a lot.) Since I have only been to Disneyland a handful of times, you can guess that I have never been to Disneyland during a holiday, especially Halloween!

I am proud to say that I have finally been to Disneyland during a Holiday!!!! Yay!!!

TD and I had gone to California the weekend of Halloween for his cousins Halloween party (Saturday the 29th). Rather than make the trip out there for just the day of the party, we decided to make a little vacation out of it!

(Sorry this post is extremely late, I’ve been really busy the last few months and haven’t been able to sit down and work on posts. But now that I am available, please keep an eye out for many posts to come about the last few months)

We drove down on Thursday night and arrived around 130 am Friday morning! We had decided to go to Knott’s Scary Farm that night and bought our tickets before we left!

We had a lot of fun at Knott’s, but this post is specifically about Disney so let’s continue lol. That Thursday night, two of my friends had gotten married! After speaking with them, I found out they were going to Disneyland on Sunday (the 30th)! Since we were going to be down there, we asked if they wanted company and they said YES!!

This was one of the reasons that we decided to go, because we would have some friends there with us as well! So we met up with them in the beginning of the day and hung out with them for most of the day! There were a few things we didn’t do together, but for the most part, we did everything together! Kind of like a double date!

The first thing we did as soon as we got there was run over to Disney’s California Adventure (or DCA) to get fast passes for Tower of Terror. This was one of the main things we wanted to do at Disney because it was soon to be closing (at the time of this post, it is now closed :(, and it makes me sad).

Due to the length of time it took me to write this blog post, I cannot remember every little detail of what we did. So I am going to just post the photos I took below and tell you what rides we did go on!

{Click on the photo to zoom in!}

Those are all the photos I took on my phone or were sent to me by our friends. The rest of the time was spent having fun and enjoying ourselves!

I hope you enjoyed the post and I do apologize that this took so freaking long to post. Just been super busy with work and some new things going on in my life that I haven’t been the best at finishing these blog posts lol.

What is your favorite part about Disneyland? Let me know in the comments below!