I love having a pool in my backyard! I can swim and tan (weather permitting) whenever I want!

I also love being able to throw pool parties whenever I please!

I received this submersible color changing light from Aurora on Amazon! And I absolutely love it!

There are 16 different color options to choose from. They range from White, to Blue, to Red and much more! You can set it to 4 different phases, flash, strobe, fade and smooth!

What is cool is that you can also use it in your bathtub or even just place it on a counter to light up the room you are in!

My pool is rather large and so I would need a few of these to light it up super bright, but it still works to light up parts of it.


The light itself is super bright on its own when not in the water. I made the mistake of looking directly at it when turning it on and blinded myself.

Here is a quick video I made of 2 of the 4 phases. They are the Flash and Fade functions!


The product also came with these 4 suction cups that you can place on the bottom of the light to be able to stick it to the mirror or side of the tub!

This product does not come with batteries, you will need to buy these separately. It takes 3x AAA batteries!

I cannot wait until tomorrow night when I get to use this in the pool at my Pool Party!!

Get your own light here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07282FVVQ

Do you have a light similar to this for your pool? Do you have this exact one? How do you like it?