Essential oils are amazing for many different reasons. There are so many different smells and types of oils out there.

There are also many uses for the oils!

One of the many uses of Essential Oil’s is to use a diffuser!

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I got this Raindrop Diffuser by Organic Aroma’s on Amazon. It works perfectly! It takes the oil and diffuses it out of the tip and makes whatever room it is in smell amazing!

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It comes with everything you need to set up the diffuser and make it work!

It also came with a sample Essential Oil that I can use in the diffuser!


There are many kinds of diffusers out there, some of them need water and some of them don’t. This one doesn’t need water, you just put the oil directly in and it does it’s work!

Here is a quick video I took of the diffuser in action! As you can tell, there is a color changing light that goes off in the center and changes colors!

Once again, you can get your own here!

Do you use a diffuser? Does it use water or just oil? I’d love to know!