Trying to stay cool while walking is hard for me. My cardio….it sucks. So I always tend to run out of stamina fairly quickly.

Yes, even while walking, my running is non existent haha. I have been getting better though as I walk more and more.

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Anyway, the best way that I have found to stay cool when I am walking is with this Instant Cooling Towel by FuriousFitWear.


It’s a reusable towel, that you can get wet and it stays cool for hours (depending on the weather). You can wear it as a headband or as a scarf around your neck (I’m sure you can find other ways to wear it as well).

There are many uses for it too. Such as:

  1. Outdoor Sports and Games
  2. Workouts
  3. Hiking and Climbing
  4. Biking
  5. Gyms
  6. Other Outdoor Activities (BBQ’s, Picnic’s, etc)

You can even use it for cooling down fevers and in your kitchen!

When it arrives in the mail, it comes in this waterproof resealable ziplock type case. It also has a carabiner attached to it for easy portability!

It also comes with instructions on how to use the towel.

The towel I got is a light blue color on one side and a dark blue on the other side. And it is a breathable, machine washable, eco-friendly, and chemical free material. 

It is super simple to use as well:

You stick it into a bowl of cold water and let it soak. Then you wring out all the excess water and ‘snap’ it into the air 3 times. You will then feel the towel cool off and it is ready to use!

This towel is amazing! I highly suggest it for anyone looking for a cooling towel for themselves or a friend. Here is a photo of me with the towel (around my neck) in use on my walk!

{You can find the water bottle here}

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But you can receive 20% from the actual FuriousFitWear store (link below) using this code: SOCIAL20.

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Do you use a cooling towel? How do you like it?