I went to Plannercon 2017 in San Francisco this past March and it was AMAZING!!!

Throughout this year, they have done a few smaller Parties across the US to get us hyped up for the main event next year!

One of the parties just so happened to be in Las Vegas and I was able to go!

Stupid me, I forgot to Vlog while I was there, but I did recap a lot of what happened and the different swag and goodies I got in the video below.

Yes, the video is long, but I did add time stamps to the description of the video if you would rather go there and skip around. If you want to watch the whole thing, that would be awesome as well!

At the event, we had vendors that we could purchase planner goodies from. We also had a few speakers, one of them was Safe Nest. Each party had a charity that all the proceeds from the raffle tickets went to.

You can check out the official Plannercon website here: http://officialplannercon.com if you would like more information or to buy your ticket for next year!

I would love to see you there! It is in San Francisco, at the same hotel that it was at this past March. From what I have heard, it is actually going to be bigger and better next year!

Did you go to Plannercon in March or one of the parties? How did you like it? Will I be seeing you at Plannercon 2018?