My engagement was a complete surprise, I had no idea it was going to happen at all! There was no prior acknowledgment that my fiance was going to propose to me!

The day I got engaged was the happiest day of my life! Well, yes of course because I got engaged, but also because it was my birthday!

We got engaged on November 19, 2017, also known as my birthday!

The day started off like any other birthday, I woke up and begin getting ready for the day.

I had a hair appointment at 2:30 pm, which I was excited about because I had not gotten my hair done in exactly 1 year! Around 1 pm, my hair stylest text me and asked if I could come in early, which I said YES and went over as soon as I was done getting dressed! My fiance dropped me off at her salon (my tire was flat – oops!) around 1:15/30 ish.

My Inspiration Photo:

{Source: Google}


My Before:

[Sorry it is only the back of my head, I guess we never took a front facing before picture!]


My after:


Once I was done with getting my hair done, my fiance picked me back up and we went to pick up a friend of mine that was going to come eat birthday dinner with us! We still had a bit of time to waste before our reservation at 6:30 pm, so we went back to our house and hung out while TD got ready. I was pretty much ready, I just wanted to add some leggings because it was getting cold.

We ended up going to eat at the Macaroni Grill by our house! There were 5 of us all together.

Birthday Celebration:

It was our mom’s, my friend and obviously us (TD and I)! We enjoyed a really nice dinner and then afterward, we went to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory for their Cactus Garden that they decorate with Christmas Lights every year! It was really nice to walk around and see the lights!

When we first got there, we went inside the main building and got some really delicious Hot Chocolate to drink as we walked around as it was a tad bit chilly!

This is all of us as we walked around the Cactus Garden, before the proposal of course!

The Proposal:

At one point, TD asked me if I wanted to take a photo, and I said of course! So we found a spot we liked and got ready for a photo. I handed my phone to my friend so that I could get a photo on my phone, and rather than getting a photo, he recorded it, thank goodness!!!! Rather than trying to tell you about the proposal, I am just going to show you!

Sorry it is so dark, but at least you can see the proposal!

Here are also so of the other photos we took after the fact:

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Also, here is a close up of my ring:

As you can see, I was so happy! At one point, I had to stop drinking my Hot Chocolate because A. it was getting cold, and B. I was shaking so bad that I could barely hold it lol!

This was legit the happiest day of my life! If you want to see any of my wedding planning, please let me know below! I would love to blog about my journey!