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Are you wandering where I found a certain photo? Or where my blog is hosted? Or where I got my Favicon? Well, you have come to the right page.

This is my credits page where I will post links to people, blogs, websites, etc that I would like to give credit to.

These are the links that I am unable to credit anywhere else. For example, if I use a photo on a specific blog post, I will put the source on that post with the picture, however, if I use a photo in my header image, I will link the credit on this page.

Blog and Layout:

– My blog is currently hosted by GoDaddy
– My blog is powered by WordPress
– The airplane Favicon was created using
– My layout was designed by Mai
– Header created on Canva (link below)
– Instagram Widget: SnapWidget
– Comment System: Disqus


Photo Editing –
Photofiltre (the free version) | Canva | PicMonkey