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My Bucket List

Bucket List: a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying

I have a mental list in my head, but I figured my blog would be the best place to house my physical list. This gives you guys the opportunity to follow along on my journey with me as I complete the list before I die.

Please note:

» This list is not in any particular order.
» As the items come to me, they will be added to the bottom of the list.
» As items on the list become completed, I will bold the item and/or link the blog post for it (if i make one).

  1. Travel to Paris, France
  2. Go to Burning Man
  3. Go to Coachella
  4. Go to a music festival in a city I haven’t been to yet
  5. Go to a music festival I haven’t been to before
  6. Go to a music festival in another country
  7. Go to Ikea for the first time
  8. Purchase my first piece of Ikea furniture
  9. Go traveling/on vacation with my Best Friend
  10. Get proposed to
  11. Get married
  12. Have a kid
  13. Travel to Australia
  14. Visit Mall of America
  15. Go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios
  16. Get the body that I have always wanted
  17. Start and finish a Wreck This Journal
  18. Go to Disney World
  19. Become healthier
  20. Visit Four Corners
  21. Have long, strong, healthy, gorgeous nails ( I’ve already stopped biting them :] )
  22. Take a cruise
  23. See a Broadway show
  24. Get lasik eye surgery (Blog Post coming soon!)
  25. Meet a celebrity
  26. Own a MacBook
  27. Go zip-lining
  28. Go to Niagara Falls
  29. Go to the Tim Burton exhibit
  30. Be a Maid of Honor
  31. Be a bridesmaid
  32. Be in a flash mob
  33. Start my own business Start my own business
  34. Become rich!
  35. Retire
  36. Go to Disneyland during a Holiday
  37. Start a YouTube Channel
  38. Get my home office/studio set up
  39. Pay off all of my Debt!
  40. Buy a Brand New car