My Life List

Updated: January 3, 2018

With a new blog host and layout comes a new updated list! Over the last few months, I have determined that I hate the term ‘bucket list’. I have officially dubbed this list My Life List because it’s basically a Life To Do List or a list of Goals that I want to complete throughout my life!

Inspiration from Mostly Morgan and Kayla Blogs.

Travel and Adventure

Click here to see all the places I have traveled to so far!

Visit All 50 States (24/50)
Visit France
Visit Australia
Visit London
Visit Germany
Visit Japan as an Adult
Go traveling/on vacation with my Best Friend
Visit Four Corners
Visit Mall of America (1/16/2017)
Take a Cruise
See a Broadway show in New York
Be in a flash mob
Go zip-lining
Go to Niagara Falls
Go to the Tim Burton exhibit
Go to Andy Warhol Museum
Go to Ikea for the first time (6/11/2016)
Purchase my first piece of Ikea furniture (7/8/2016)


Visit Walt DisneyWorld
Go to Disneyland during a Holiday (10/30/2016)
Visit Tokyo Disney
Visit Paris Disneyland
Visit Shanghai Disney
Go on a Disney Cruise

Harry Potter

Go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Anaheim (8/12/2016)
Go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Orlando
Harry Potter Studio Tour in London

Music Festivals

Go to Burning Man
Go to Coachella
Go to a music festival in a city I haven’t been to yet
Go to a music festival I haven’t been to before
Go to a music festival in another country

Health and Fitness

Become healthier
Have long, strong, healthy, gorgeous nails
Get lasik eye surgery (9/14/2017 – Blog post coming soon!)
Get the body that I have always wanted
Take my first Yoga class
Take my first spin class
Donate Blood for the first time (10/5/2017)


Make money from A Brave Star
Make $100 in a month from A Brave Star
Get 100 Views in a month


Start a YouTube Channel (3/27/2017)
Reach 50 Subscribers

Career and Financial

Have a successful Budget
Become completely Debt Free!
Start my own business (8/31/2016) Start my own business (4/25/2017)


Get Engaged (11/19/2017)
Get Married
Be a Maid of Honor
Be a Bridesmaid
Attend my first ever Bridal Show
Have an amazing Honeymoon
Have a baby
Get my home office/studio set up
Buy a Brand New car
Meet a celebrity
Own a MacBook (6/3/2016)
Go to my 10th High School Reunion
Start and finish a Wreck This Journal
Read all the books on my bookshelf

*This is an ever growing list, so please be sure to check back!*