Wedding Planning involves a lot of work and is very time consuming. You receive a lot of paperwork and have a lot of tasks you need to complete before the big day.

Now that I have been engaged for over a month, I have to start buckling down and actually start planning my wedding. I have spent some time this last month and a half researching wedding ideas and planning tools, and now I need a place to store them all!

I have decided to make a Wedding Binder for myself to help me along this journey!

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I have also decided to share my wedding binder with you, since I have yet to fill it out! 

Forewarning: This post is a little long! Please prepare yourself for photo and text overload! lol

Materials I Used:


2 1/2 Three Ring Binder
Dividers (They do not have the ones I purchased online, but these are similar and the same brand)
Sheet Protectors
Business Card Pages
Plastic Envelope (they don’t have the ones I used in stock anymore, but these are similar)
Blank/Colored/Lined Paper


Scrapbook paper
Gold Sharpie Paint Pen
Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

Putting together the binder is really easy. All you really need to do is place all of your materials into the binder in any order you want and your binder is complete!

Binder Cover:

You can make the cover however you want! You can print it out on the computer or DIY your own! I opted for the DIY version lol.

Using a piece of scrapbook paper I found in the clearance section at Michaels, I measured it and cut it to fit the binder. I then added a photo of my Fiance and I when we were at Disneyland, that I printed with my Polaroid Zip printer, to the middle and then wrote Lambeth Wedding around it.

You can add your wedding date if you want, but I chose not to. Mostly because we do not have a SET date yet and I don’t want to worry about it being on the binder if it changes.

For the spine, I just took some extra scrapbook paper, cut it to fit the spine and wrote Our Wedding and slipped it in (sorry the photo is sideways, it looked bad when I turned it).

My Dividers:

Here are the sections (in order) that I included in my binder:

  1. Calendar
  2. Budget
  3. Ceremony
  4. Reception
  5. Bridal Party
  6. Vendors
    • Attire & Beauty
    • Flowers
    • DJ
    • Cake
    • Photos & Video
    • Caterer
    • Venue
    • Invitations & Stationary
    • Wedding Planner
  7. Guest List
  8. Registry
  9. Honeymoon
  10. Miscellaneous
    • Gifts and Favors
    • DIY’s
    • Decor
  11. Inspiration


You will then need to either create your own or find online, some printable checklists and other printables to add to your binder! All of the printables I use in my binder are completely free that I found online or I made myself.

*Note: some of the printables are complete workbooks, but I am not be using all of the sheets that were included. Thats the beauty of free printables (and even paid Printables), you can pick and choose what you want to print out and use!*

This is the calendar that I am using to keep track of all the specific dates and time frames leading up to my wedding! You can print your own at Shining Mom, she offers a lot of different styles of calendars that you can print.

These are the links to the workbooks and worksheets that I am currently using in my binder, feel free to go to their site and download them as well!

I have also created an eBook with links to all of the other printables that I didn’t use in my binder, in case it is something that you want! You can download that eBook here!

** Update 5/15/2018 **
I recently made a post about attending a Bridal Show. In the post, I gave 16 tips for you to use when attending your first (or 22nd lol) Bridal Show. These tips will help you to make your time at the show enjoyable! And bonus, there is a PDF of the list at the bottom of the page that you can print out and add to your binder! Click here to check out the tips and print out the list!

The Extra:

I also added in some additional things to my binder that will help me stay organized throughout the planning process.

These two plastic envelopes from the Dollar Tree that I got a while ago are perfect to hold receipts and coupons! They fit perfectly in the front binder pocket.

I added a business card holder to the beginning of the Vendor section that will allow me to hold any business cards for the vendors that I am using for easy access incase I need to contact them. It is sort of like an address book! Okay, I know this is a trading card holder, but it serves the same purpose. I had this in my office and decided to just use it rather than spending more money.

I also added in sheet protectors into my inspiration section! These sheets will be used to house any photos or other items that I gather for inspiration (outfits, flowers, venues, etc)

I have also added in some colored paper and lined paper. This is for if I want to add in additional notes or lists to a section of the binder, or even create inspiration collage’s!

I hope you like my binder and that it gave you some ideas for your own binder! Do you have a Wedding Binder? Did you make it yourself or did you buy it at the store pre-made?