Like everyone else in the world, I started blogging to write about and share my life with others.

But as time goes on, I have decided, like everyone else, that I want to try to make an income from my blog as well.

Using your blog as an extra income can be tough. Especially when you are just starting out.

One of the main things that you need to have in order to make a decent income from your blog is really great Blog Stats (Traffic). You know, how many viewers you get, how many subscribers you have, etc.

Although mine are not that great, I wanted to start keeping track of them every month so that I can see exactly where I am and how much more I need to move onto the next level (and my goals – click here to see my current Blog Goals list).

I have decided to start writing Monthly Blog Traffic posts (until I can start my monthly Income Reports) to keep track of my stats for both my blog and my Social Media accounts, as well as to have a starting point for reference, for when I go to apply for income producing programs for my blog!

I’m going to start off with my Blog Stats, as this is the most important stat that I need to keep track of!

Blog Stats:

Page Views: 7,305
Unique Visitors: 712
Number of Subscribers: 448 (This is for my RSS feed emails currently, newsletter coming soon)

Now, let’s move on to my Social Media stats!

Social Media Stats:

Facebook: 123
Pinterest: 341
Twitter: 331
Instagram: 421
Youtube: 34

These stats are how many followers/subscribers I have on the Social Media channels that I use for my blog.

These are my current stats as of January 31, 2018

My blog stats were taken from AWStats, a free tool (installed to my CP Panel) that generates statistics for your blog! If you have another way of getting this information as well, please send it my way!

If you would like to get in touch with me, or help me get my stats up higher, feel free to do so below:

Facebook || Pinterest || Twitter || Instagram || Youtube

Please let me know if you like this idea, and if you have any tips or tricks to help me get my stats up!