I know that I haven’t been posting that much over the last month, but I have been working a lot behind the scenes to make sure that my blog is running smoothly.

One of the main things that I have been working on is my Newsletter! Woohoo! Finally!

I am still not ready to post the newsletter up on the blog just yet, but keep looking out for more information regarding that as it is getting closer each day!

I was also able to sign up for an ad company that will pay me for placing ads on my sidebar!! Yay! I will start posting this in my reports (will have to change to income reports finally!) once I start making money!

Let’s move onto my stats now.

My stats are continually changing, so please be sure to check out every one of my traffic reports so that you can see follow along with me!

Blog Stats:
Page Views: 10,277
Unique Visitors: 598
Number of Subscribers: 448 (This is for my RSS feed emails currently, newsletter coming soon)

Now, let’s move on to my Social Media stats!

Social Media Stats:
Facebook: 122
Pinterest: 339
Twitter: 332
Instagram: 430
YouTube: 36

It looks as if have I lost a few followers on some of my social media channels and gained a few on the others. You can see how many I had at the end of January here.

These are my current stats as of February 28, 2018

My blog stats were taken from AWStats, a free tool (installed to my CP Panel) that generates statistics for your blog!

If you would like to get in touch with me or follow me, feel free to do so below:

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I appreciate every person that comes to my blog. I would also love to check out yours! Please leave a comment below with any tips for how I can get my numbers up, and I will come and check out your blog!