This month has definitely been a struggle for me as well to keep up with the blog.

There has just been a ton of stuff going on in my life this month that I haven’t been able to get any of my posts published.

I did however, get my Newsletter up and running, but then decided to take it back down because I decided to go with a different company. Please keep checking back soon for more info about this!]

Hopefully soon I can start turning these into Income Reports and not just Traffic Reports.

Blog Stats:

Page Views: 8,105
Unique Visitors: 632
Number of Subscribers: 448 on my RSS feed

Social Media Stats:

Facebook: 129
Pinterest: 340
Twitter: 326
Instagram: 445
YouTube: 45

This month has seen a vast improvement in the amount of followers I gained as compared to the last 2 months! I did lose followers on my Twitter though 😭, but thats the only one.

You can view my other months here:
January 2018
February 2018

These are my current stats as of March 31, 2018.

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I appreciate every person that visits my blog. I would also love to check out yours! Please leave a comment below with any tips for how I can get my numbers up, and I will come and check out your blog!