Going to a Bridal Show is probably the best thing that I could have done for myself as a new(er) Bride.

I went to the Bridal Show here in Vegas on January 20th. I was able to get so much information about Venues (I do have my Venue picked out already, more info soon!) and other vendors that I was going to need for my Wedding!

Having gone to the show myself, I was able to come up with a list of tips that I wanted to share with you all.

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We had the VIB (Very Important Bride) tickets, which came with everything the General Admission tickets got, but in addition, we got the awesome t-shirts you see below and priority seating at the Fashion Show!

{Me and my Maid of Honor}

The Bridal Show Tips:

1. Wear comfortable shoes – there will be tons of walking around and you don’t want to waste time by having to sit and rest your feet! I wore sneakers, and my feet loved me for it!

2. Create an email address specifically for your Wedding (I used Gmail for mine). You can give this email address out to everyone you talk to at the show, as well as any websites/newsletters you sign up for online. This will help you to not receive spam to your regular email AND you can just delete the email address once you are married! Click here to sign up for a new Gmail account!

3. Bring labels with your name, email, Wedding date (or around the time you want to get married if you don’t have an exact date yet), and average number of guests. This will keep your hands from hurting because you are writing so much!

I created a Bridal Show Labels template for you all to use to print your own labels for your next Bridal Show! Fill out the following form to receive your labels!

I just downloaded some Free Bridal Show Labels to edit and take with me to my next Bridal Show!Click To Tweet

4. Most shows provide you with a swag bag (some booths will give bags away too), use this to gather all of the information you receive from the different booths. I ended up with 3 different bags at the end of the show because I got some from vendors as well!

5. If you already have your venue/photographer/DJ, don’t waste your time by talking to those booths. If they try to stop you, just tell them nicely “I already have my….” and they will let you be. If they keep trying to talk to you, just continue on your way and don’t say another word.

6. Create a list before you go of what you need. Some shows provide a list of all the vendors that will be there prior to the show, use this list to write down those vendors you want to speak with and add them to your own list!

7. Don’t bring a huge party of people with you, usually 1 or 2 is enough. Think about bringing your FH with you!

I brought my mom, maid of honor and a bridesman – the MOH and BM kept running off and doing their own thing, while my mom and I spoke with the vendors. I don’t regret bringing them, but wish they stayed closer for when I needed them or wanted there opinion on something.

{My mom, Maid of Honor and I!}

8. Bring a planner (or notepad) to write down any appointments you make with the vendors so you don’t forget! You can use your phone calendar as well, but I like having pen and paper. This is the planner I brought with me. It was nice to be able to write down the appointments right away on the calendar!

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9. Bring a camera or use your phone to take loads of photos of the vendor booths because they tend to have amazing decorations and you can use them as ideas for your own wedding.

Also, make sure your phone battery is completely charged, maybe bring a backup battery or charger as you will need lots of battery if you are using your phone to take notes, photos, using the calendar, etc.

I used this charging phone case on my iPhone 7plus to make sure I had enough battery power. You can purchase your own here.

You can also use a power bank like this to charge your phone! Get your own here!

10. Watch the fashion show, even if you already have your dress or his tux. You will get ideas on how to style your hair, makeup, even the veils and bouquets can give you ideas! I also suggest watching them because they are fun and sometimes you can win things before, during and after!

{This is a video I took during the Fashion Show so you can see just how fun it was!}

11. Eat something small before you go. You will need to Energy for the show and you don’t want to start wearing yourself down too early because you are starving. Don’t eat a huge breakfast as there will be food to try at the show.

12. Try EVERYTHING! There are so many caterers there offering food samples, try them all!

13. Bring a water bottle. I did not do this and highly regret it. I was trying to find the water stations the whole time (had to send my MOH to find some at one point) as my throat was dry from talking so much. Plus it was hot!

14. Enter all of the raffles! You never know what you are going to win! (This is where the labels will come in handy!)

15. Take photos at the photo booths when you can! These are fun and great souvenirs from the show!

This is from one of the photo booths! The first picture was taken when we were still trying to get ready for the photo lol, but we love it!!!

16. If you plan on booking a vendor or venue while at the show, make sure you bring a checkbook or credit card with you. A lot of the vendors tend to have HUGE discounts when you book them while at the show.

These are all of the tips that I was able to come up with for attending Bridal Shows!

Would you like to download this list? Click here for a PDF version.

I hope these tips will help you when you go to your first (or next) Bridal Show! Let me know below if you use any of my tips and if it was accurate or not!

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