Things You May Not Know About Me

I originally had these things on my About Me Page, but I am changing up my blog a bit and decided to make this its own page!

Here are some things about me that you may not know!

  1. I love lists, I love creating them and checking items off of them. I sometimes add things that I have already done just to check them off lol. Check out my Bucket List here.
  2. I love The Sims (all games and expansions), Roller Coaster Tycoon, and any other simulation type games.
  3. I love watching random YouTube videos about a lot of random things.
  4. I almost never have matching socks on. Please click here to learn more.
  5. I have my own business, sort of! Click here for more info!
  6. I have a cat named Luna.
  7. I have a Harry Potter addiction.
  8. I am a Fleet Driver for Postmates
  9. I used to be a raver and a Gogo Dancer!
  10. My house is almost always a mess, I can never keep it clean.
  11. I can also be really Lazy!
  12. I only cook items that have instructions on the back.
  13. I LOVE Disney!
  14. I am an Apple fangirl, I will never leave the Apple Universe!