Throughout the years I have been with numerous web hosts! They all offered something to get me to join (free domain, a certain amount of bandwidth, etc) and at the time, I thought it was the best deal in the world! And boy was I wrong lol!

When I started my blog back in 2015, I looked around at different web hosts and decided to go with Go Daddy. At the time I bought my hosting,

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The summer weather in Las Vegas is terrible! It’s always so hot outside so I only tend to stay out for about 30 min max because I don’t want to get sunburned or worse, get heatstroke!

So how does one stay cool in 100+ degree temperatures?

Well here are a few ways that I stay cool during the summer in Las Vegas!

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This post is not sponsored by Zola. I am not receiving compensation of any kind for writing this post. These are my own opinions! There is a referral code at the bottom of this post in which I will receive credit when you signup! Please click here to read my full disclosure policy for more info! 

As I am currently planning my wedding, I have found that prioritizing tasks and creating a checklist makes things a lot easier (there is that planner girl inside me lol).

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A few days ago, I was tagged in a post on Twitter from my blogger friend, Rosie. She had nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award 2018! She had also been nominated! You can check out her nomination as well here.

This is my first time hearing about this award, and as a blogger, I feel like I should have! It is very unexpected, but it’s also a great honor to be nominated for something like this,

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Going to a Bridal Show is probably the best thing that I could have done for myself as a new(er) Bride.

I went to the Bridal Show here in Vegas on January 20th. I was able to get so much information about Venues (I do have my Venue picked out already, more info soon!) and other vendors that I was going to need for my Wedding!

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This month has definitely been a struggle for me as well to keep up with the blog.

There has just been a ton of stuff going on in my life this month that I haven’t been able to get any of my posts published.

I did however, get my Newsletter up and running, but then decided to take it back down because I decided to go with a different company. Please keep checking back soon for more info about this!]

Hopefully soon I can start turning these into Income Reports and not just Traffic Reports.

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